Based on the Singaporean – based platform of international standards to stimulate comprehensive intellectual development.

Devided into two levels:

♦ Level 1 (for children from 3 years old and a half to 8 years old), is the golden age for the development of children’s personality and thinking; therefore, at this level, TopArt places focus on instructing and helping children with very basic skills, from holding a pen/pencil properly, identifying basic colors or line drawings to especially building good habits, for example, to sit properly, to get organized, meticulous, tidy and etc,… by teaching children to put colors in order after use, which is a very simple but essential lession for fostering good habits of children later on. Besides, at this age, children will learn about how to observe natural phenomena by acquiring techniques to ultilize such effects as clouds, rain, thunder, lightning, volcano, water … In order to master these basic skills, children must go through four levels: Kid 1, Kid 2, Kid 3, Kid 4.

♦ Level 2 (for children from 8 to 16 years old), at older age, higher skills are required; therefore, teachers will ask some questions that requires children to come up with solutions to problems in the picture as well as practical issues in life in a creative way such as what? Where? When? next ? Behind? … These questions help children to solve problems with logical thinking, creativity, arranging layouts and themes in order of priority and positions, which will result in children forming a habit of better observation when addressing challenges in the future. Some topics related include:

    + Top 1, Top 2: Children will solve problems related to simple flora & fauna.

    + Top 3: Children will be introduced to a more complex range of animals such as rhinoceros, lions, leopard, tiger, whale, deer,…

    + Top 4, Top 5: Children will deal with topics of people and their professions such as doctors, pilots, architects, builders, traders,…

    + Top 6: Children will solve issues related to festivals and celebrations such as Lunar New Year, Vu Lan, Mid-Autumn Festival, Giong Festival, Lim festival, Hung King festival.

    + Top 7 + Top 8: Children will look into more complex patterns and shapes in landscape and human sketch. As relevant topics surrounding children’s life, they will help form a habit of problem solving with creativity based on each student’s observation.

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