» What is TopArt?

Based on the Singaporean – based platform named “All Ideas are treated with appreciations”, TopArt was founded as a professional institute of Arts for children aged from 4-15 years old with the vision and mission to inspire and encourage creativity – to help young generation to perceive arts with all senses- to develop their creative thinking, growing their personality and manners.

» Purpose:

To provide helping hands for children to develop necessary skills and talents in daily life, such as confidence in communication, proactivity in problem solving, thinking, giving feedbacks and finishing works assigned through different stages from ideas and concepts to complete presentations, to achieve better results of other subjects, to have more enjoyment and relaxation in life…

» Teaching method/style of TopArt:

The teaching method of TopArt was well-designed with a comprehensive syllabus in the field of arts and aesthetics of international standards based on the standpoint: arts or painting is another form of discovery and exploration, thus encouraging children’s development of thinking by introducing new ideas, asking questions, experimental hypotheses, encouraging creativity, expressing unique ideas and encouraging interactions through dialogues. The syllabus is divided into different levels from basic to advanced. It is thanks to this method that TopArt has enabled learning Arts and learning at school are always complementary to each other closely in parallel.

» TopArt Mission:

We are committed at our best to providing our children with an environment of creative arts education for comprehensive mindset development

» From TopArt’s View:

+ TopArt is not only a place to discover and nourish students’ talents so that they can become professional in this area but also to awake creativity among children for the future development.

+ Art is the most effective way to teach your child important knowledge which will become very useful social skills for children in the future.

+ TopArt’s point of view is that “talent is not must to start learning Arts. Learning Art does not mean becoming painters, but it helps develop a sense of the world surrounding, perceive arts and life in its beauty, while treasure traditional values.

» Learning Environment:

+ Students are to go through placement tests
+ Air-conditioned classrooms.
+ Well-qualified, enthusiastic and caring teaching staff
+ One teacher is in charge of maximum of 5-8 students.
+ Classes are held outside of school hours.
+ The course is open regularly.

» Certificate: